How did Sword & Shield Pokémon Evolution?

Game: Pokemon Sword and Shield
Time: 2023-11-11
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How did Pokémon Sword & Shield Evolution? The triggering conditions for different Pokémon evolutions are different. Pogobuy brings you Pokémon Sword & Shield elves evolution skills to share with you. Let's take a look at the following.


How did Sword & Shield Pokémon Evolution?

1.Milcery -> Alcremie
Milcery carries decorative items (I see a strawberry, there may be others, and the item description says what Milcery likes). Rotate the left stick until the character is spinning at a point, and when it stops, it will trigger evolution.

2.Farfetch'd -> Sirfetch'd
Carrying the onion props (not the ingredients, the battle props) hits three crit in a battle to trigger evolution.

3.Yamask -> Runerigus
The blood of the residual blood (with the imposing cloak to touch the high-level wild monsters to escape) evolved under the arch formed by the large stones of the landmarks of the dusty land in the wilderness.

4. Charjabug -> Vikavolt
Use the stone of thunder

Glaceon uses Ice Stone.
Leafeon uses Leaf Stone.
Sylveon has any demon skills, and the friendliness is upgraded with three hearts (Sylveon I took a new Eevee and tested it again, to determine the friendliness of the two hearts can not evolve must have three hearts), other evolution and before the same.