How to Get and Use Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Game: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Time: 2023-11-11
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Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are used to change the Tera Type. But you need 50 Shards of them to change the type. With that in mind, here's what you need to know about the best way to grind Tera Shards and how to use them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Get and Use Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? 

What Are Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? 

Tera Shards are redeemable items with a specific Pokemon type, like Fire or Water, associated with it. These can be used to change a Pokemon's Tera-type. 

If you have 50 Tera Shards of the same type, redeem them at the Treasure Eatery in Medali to change one Pokemon's Tera-type to the same type as the Tera Shards you used. 

How to Get Tera Shards Fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? 

Here, we will see how to get more Tera Shards in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: 

1. Tera Raids Battles 

The best way to farm Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is to participate in Tera Raids Battles. You will get these shards as rewards for completing 3-Star or higher raids.  

Here is how many Tera Shards you can get per Battle: 

• One-Star Tera Raid Battle: 0 Tera Shards 
• Two-Star Tera Raid Battle: 0 Tera Shards 
• Three-Star Tera Raid Battle: 2 Tera Shards 
• Four-Star Tera Raid Battle: 3 Tera Shards 
• Five-Star Tera Raid Battle: 4 Tera Shards 
• Six-Star Tera Raid Battle: 6 Tera Shards 

These raids are based on a Star System and get tougher as they go higher. To unlock 5 and 6-Star Raids, you must finish all the main storylines. So if you want to get Tera Shards fast, hit all the 3 and 4-Star Tera Raids across Paldea. 

Note that the Pokemon in these raids are strong so make sure you head in with a team. 

2. Tera Shards From Fighting Wild Pokemon 

Sometimes, in the wild, you will see a Pokémon that, unlike regular Pokémon, has a shining aura around it. 

That Pokémon will have an unusual Tera Type. Defeating that Pokémon will grant you Tera Shards. Those Tera Shards will be of the same type as the defeated Pokémon's Tera Type. This is the earliest way to gather Tera Shards, though it is rare to get them. 

3. Tera Shards in Area Zero 

Area Zero is the final area of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and is unlocked after beating all three storylines. 

You are prompted to go there once finishing the storylines. The entrance to this site is next to the northeast side of The Great Paldean Crater. The shards spawn very rarely on the ground. They sparkle and can be picked up with "A." 

4. Get Tera Shards from NPCs 

    • 50 Dragon Tera Shards: Reach a Close Bond with Hassel. 
    • 50 Rock Tera Shards: Reach a Close Bond with Ms. Tyme. 
    • 50 Normal Tera Shards: Talk to the Chef in Treasure Eatery. 

5. Win the Ace Academy Tournament 

    • Complete the game (the credits will roll) and rematch 8 gym leaders. 
    • Join the Ace Academy Tournament, win it, and you'll have a chance of getting Tera Shards. 

How to Use Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? 

Tera Shards are sued to change the Tera-type of a Pokemon, and once you have 50 of a specific type of shard, you can change a Pokemon to that type. 

To change a Pokemon's Tera type, head to the town of Medali and go to the Treasure Eatery, the restaurant next to the Medali (East) Pokemon Center. Of course, to use this feature, you'll need to have beaten the Medali gym leader, Larry. 

Once you've done that and have enough shards, head into the restaurant and talk to the chef to change the Tera-type of whichever Pokemon you want. The chef has a yellow speech bubble which indicates that you can interact with him. Hand in the Tera Shards so the chef can cook their special recipe and select which Pokemon you'd like to give it to.