PogoBuy: Updating Pokémon Sword and Shield Products

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On PogoBuy.com, you have come to the right place for all your Pokémon Sword and Shield needs. Are you sick and tired of grinding away to get Pokémon what you want? We understand many of these frustrations and have worked hard to resolve this problem. We are allowing thousands of gamers to have fun fast. We do this by providing safe Pokemon, Pokémon bundles, and commission services via our professional staff. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. With over 1,000 satisfied Our gamers every day we're confident that you will enjoy and trust our services. We update the Pokémon Sword and Shield products:


Blastoise-GMAX, Chinchou, Cinderace-GMAX, Clauncher, Combee, Exeggutor, Frillish, Horsea, Inteleon-GMAX, Kangaskhan, Kubfu, Larvesta, Lycanroc, Magearna, Petilil, Porygon, Rhyhorn, Rillaboom-GMAX, Rufflet, Sandile, Silicobra, Skrelp, Torkoal, Urshifu(Rapid Strike)-GMAX, Urshifu(Single Strike)-GMAX, Venusaur-GMAX, Vullaby, etc.

PogoBuy: Updating Pokémon Sword and Shield Products

How to buy

Online trading requires the opening of ns members, all Pokémon can be used in the game and can be exchanged online.


1. Press y button access the option of YY Communication, then pless + button to open the communication.

2. Select link trade, then Select set link code in the pop-up window.

3. Set a four-digit code(try not to use the same digit), then confirm searching.

4. When searching successfully, choose a Pokémon to trade(you can see the character's name whom you are trading within the upper right corner when you move the pointer to the empty position of the box)

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PogoBuy - Buy Shiny & 6IV POKÉMON FAQ

Q: How long can I get my order after I place it? A: Please contact our customer service via 24/7 LiveChat as soon as possible after placing your order. A 4-digit connection code will be agreed and we will deliver it to you soon!


Doing an excellent job cooking curry will award a higher curry ranking, though Pogobuy not positive on the specifics of those yet, the process includes three steps: Fanning flames, stirring a pot and throwing in your metaphorical heart. A higher ranked curry gives your Pokémon more HP and restores PP. Pokémon get friendlier, too.

How did Sword & Shield Pokémon Evolution?

How did Pokémon Sword & Shield evolve? The triggering conditions for different Pokémon evolutions are different. Pogobuy brings you Pokémon Sword & Shield elves' evolution skills to share with you. Let's take a look at the following.

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