Bulk tips and tricks for playing Lost Ark

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Here are some loose tips that will be completed as you progress in the game. These tips may be helpful to you if, like me, you are discovering the game for the first time. They will allow you to learn about valuable shortcuts, significant Lost Ark rewards not to be missed, and to find a game progression to familiarize yourself with the concepts of Lost Ark. The game being full of activities, screens of all kinds, and quests, it is possible to feel overwhelmed by so much information at the same time. Here are some tips to help you out.

Bulk tips and tricks for playing Lost Ark



When starting a new game?

The choice of class is important: Do not rush into the selection of class and its specialization because once it has been decided, you will no longer be able to change it during the adventure. This is notably due to the choice of the developers to reserve most classes for men or women exclusively. For example, you won't have a warrior, only warriors. Also impossible to find bards (men) because this class is reserved for women.

Appreciate the use of the class tester before embarking on the adventure. This gives you an overview of the game and the feel of your future character.

Follow the tutorial immediately after meeting Beatrice. This step is essential, in my opinion, to understand the game mechanics of Lost Ark.

The three frames proposed after the tutorial are identical except for the color of their dress.




You can hold the mouse click while moving to make your character follow the direction of the cursor. This will save you from clicking all the time to move forward.

Assign your mount to a quick action button, so you only have to press one tap to move quickly.

You can display the map in large via the M key or by right-clicking on the map at the top right.

You can display the map in the overlay using the Tab key.



Rewards as if it were raining

The game encourages you to discover the game more and more through rewards for completing "challenges". The first rewards are directly related to the discovery of the game's basic mechanics and the follow-up of the main quest. To do this, click on the open book icon at the top right of the screen to view the Welcome Challenges.

Other rewards are offered to you by discovering additional mechanisms after a few dozen hours of play, such as crafts and fortresses, equipment improvements, scheduled events, and collectibles.

Know that your regularity in connecting daily is rewarded. Of course, you will have to complete a series of connection days without interruption to find the best rewards! The slightest omission to connect to Lost Ark is paid for by a return to the very beginning of the rewards table. You have no way to go back to the previous connection series.

As soon as you get an Ignea symbol, go to the Neria tavern. Each character of Ignea is an opportunity to collect a reward from the NPC located at the top left of the tavern.



Your progress in the game

If you don't know what to do, advance to the main quest level. You find all the information in your journal. A click on the compass needles next to the title of the current quest allows you to geolocate the next point of interest to go to.


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